Toronto Visit

Took a little trip to Toronto with Steve, Elizabeth and Mark for MLK day weekend. Fun. Very nice city to visit, went to the CN Tower, Hockey Hall of Fame, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Science Center and Casa Loma. Also spent some time wandering around town. Toronto has an amazing amount of underground tunnels / corridors through many blocks of the city, and they’re not just tunnels, but extensions of the buildings above. Other than the lack of windows and the fact that you never had to venture out into the cold to cross streets the tunnel areas were exactly like any other mall area. They also seem to enjoy enclosing their alleys so rather than a bunch of shops lining a downtown street, the storefront is in the back which is entirely indoors – very nice. We’ll have to visit again sometime – it’s not exactly a cheap trip, but worth it.

I have many pictures and will post some on my web site soonish. I was going to yesterday, but I wasted most of the day piddling with my guest book page instead. I’m trying to convert it to use PHP and make it look decent in both Mozilla and Internet Explorer – the never ending pain in the ass brought to me by Microsoft.

Anyway, back to working on job app. related stuff since I really haven’t done that much along the lines of looking and will soon loose any advantage that early graduation has gotten me.

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  1. tlzita says:

    If you work in Syracuse, you can take the ferry from Rochester to Toronto.

    If you drive from Michigan again, in London, near the train station, there’s this really neet bulk food store. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s awesome. You could buy the powdered cheese for macoroni and cheese by weight.

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