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For anyone who doens’t yet know, Al, Kyle, Kelly and I went to Key West for spring break. It was a very last minute thrown together budget trip that worked out very well. It was quite fun, and great to do, especially since I’ve never done major spring break stuff before. We basically threw together some plans, headed down to Florida then played things by ear from there. Lots of daquiris were drank and much beach using was done as well as some snorkeling and other fun. It was a good time I’m sure in part due to the fact that it was 75 degrees and sunny instead of 15 and snowy here :-P.

A basic rundown of what we did:

Friday 2 pm – we depart Lansing in my jeep which one week prior had completely destroyed front brakes and U joints that were on the way out.

Friday Night – we hit a 3 hr traffic backup on I-75. Who’s idea was it to divert freeway traffic to a winding country road anyway??? To make the best of it, we cue up the Blue Colar Comedy Tour movie on my laptop and have a good laugh.

Saturday about 6:30 am – we get to Atlanta and promptly pass out at Mike and Sarah’s apartment.

Saturday, we checked out a couple places for diving stuff, got some lunch at Chipotle, and went out to a couple Atlanta bars at night .

Sunday 11:00 am we depart for the second half of our trip.

Monday 4:00 am we get into Key West and get a nasty motel room for the night. No one really cared what it was so long as we could sleep.

Monday – we find a nice place to stay then spend the rest of the day hanging out on the beach. We basically had the upper floor of a small building overlooking a lagoon on Stock Island.

Tuesday – wake up very late since it’s our first real night of sleep. We go to beach during the day, then go out for dinner and finally head downtown to test out the Key’s night life. We went to the Green Parrot a small local bar a block off of Duval streed and Sloppy Joes which I believe was the longest standing bar there and a favored place of Ernest Hemmingway.

Wednesday – light to moderate rain (still warm though) :-/. Al and I went downtown for a while none the less basically just to wander up and down Duval street and see what was there. After going back to retrieve Kyle and Kelly we got some food and basically just lounged around for the rest of the day.

Thursday – chartered a snorkel trip out to the reef which was great, then went out for a wonderful seafood dinner. The reef was cool, but there was a lot of dead coral since that’s where all the tourists go. I had an underwater camera and took a roll full of pictures of various fish and coral.

Friday – went to the pay beach which had better swimming and some mild snorkeling to offer – not as spectacular as the reef, but fun none the less. About 4:00 we headed out of Key West on our way home.

Saturday 6:00 am – we get to Mikes again, but this time only stay to catch a little sleep and a shower, we leave again around 2:00 pm.

Sunday 4:30 am – we pull back into East Lansing a week and 3300 miles later thus concluding our spring break.

Now I’m just sad that it’s over.

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