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I'm a person. I live in Grand Rapids, MI and work as an Electrical Engineer. My hobbies at the time of this writing are kayaking, skiing, archery, photography and maybe biking. As this is my personal blog, my hobbies are likely the primary topics about which you will be reading.

6 Responses to From Key West

  1. malmalthekiller says:

    Dinosaurs rock.

  2. kone says:

    omg Matt! whee the hell was it? (in know in Key West)
    btw did you have a good time? Haven’t seen you in awhile!

  3. surly_bastard says:

    At then ‘end’ of the island there’s a big expanse of dead field looking area and they have all kinds of modern-art-sculptures there. I’m not sure why they decided to dedicate this much area to this, but they did.

    The field.

  4. kone says:

    geez that looks….um…sparse.

  5. celticmcp68 says:

    It looks sparse just like Matt’s hair… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

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