West Trip Day 13 – Continental Divide

Saturday was largely a travel day, but we routed the trip through Aspen, Colorado to do a bit of hiking on the way.

We stopped off at the Maroon Belles and hiked back into the valley a bit. We went in as far as the lake, which I think was the only real ‘destination’ of the hike, before turning around and heading back.  I’m not sure how much further the trail would have gone had we kept going from there.

We drove through the quiet little town of Aspen, and by the ski area, but, being summer, that’s was about all there was to do there.

We headed out of Aspen up toward Loveland Pass which cuts through the mountains toward Leadville, where we had stayed earlier in the trip. We stopped again on our way out of Aspen for another little hike up to some falls.  There were also some caves maybe, but we couldn’t find them.  We stopped briefly at the continental divide to look out over the mountains we had previously attempted to climb.  We lost the Lumix (I suspect at the hotel in Denver or at the airport) before getting pictures off, so we’re missing a chunk, largely Janet’s, of the pictures from this point on, likely including some of Elbert from Loveland Pass.

We drove through Leadville right after sunset, which on that night, was quite amazing with the clouds over the mountains. I drove up into the town of Leadville toward the highest point of the town to take some pictures. We happened to stop right next to the house of a couple who also decided to come out and take pictures. They pointed out that we were looking at Mt. Massive.

After the sunset, we continued on to some random Super 8 in Denver for the night.

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2 Responses to West Trip Day 13 – Continental Divide

  1. Susan Abramic says:

    What is a Lumix? Love your photos. These are from your trip last year–right?

  2. norconkm says:

    The Lumix is a little pocketable waterproof camera from Panasonic. It has since been replaced:

    Panasonic Lumix TS4

    I should also promote the Pentax WG-3 because it has Qi wireless charging:

    Pentax Optio WG-3

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