San Francisco Day 6 – San Francisco

Now for your oddly titled post… Day six of the San Francisco trip was actually spent *in* San Francisco.

We stayed close to downtown at Adante Hotel, which was good, because driving would have been near impossible, but bad because the hotel itself was kinda dumpy, and did not have parking included (which was  my misunderstanding starting out).  So, Parking was an extra $40/night.  Beyond that, I’m not really knowledgeable on the areas of downtown so I’m not sure if we stayed at a good, bad or otherwise area.

Our first excursion was to the California Academy of Sciences, which is, as the title kind of gives away, a large museum of anything science related, which includes LOTS of animals, so that’s exactly what you’re going to get pictures of – lots of animals.  They also have a few theaters, many displays and an interesting bio-active roof with telescopes to look at the sun (but no camera mounts).

Afterward, we took a bus down to the Golden Gate bridge to do the bridge walk.  I will note that google maps on a phone was pretty great for finding and planning bus routes – they’re not always 100% accurate, but it’s usually better than trying to interpret a printed schedule.  The walk was cool, though it did make us aware that the bridge, though it looks nice from a distances, has a lot of rusted through bits which is just a little concerning.

After the bridge walk, we took another bus the wrong direction (my fault, not google maps) and then another down to the Fisherman’s Wharf area where we wandered around for a bit before finding dinner at Boudin Bakery.  Dinner was of course, more clam chowder in sourdough for me, and a squash soup in sourdough bread bowl for Janet because she has an irrational dislike, which in this case is the only kind of dislike, of clam chowder.

I think we headed back to the hotel sometime around 11:30, which was late enough to actually get a cable car ride without waiting in an hour long line (not an exaggeration).

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