Tetons & Yellowstone – Travel Itinerary

Day Itinerary Time Notes Animal Log
Friday Drive Chicago to Sidney, NB (13hr) Daytime Drive
9AM — 10PM
No way to avoid spending day of driving, just enjoy the scenery Pronghorn
Saturday More driving (8hr)
Sierra Trading Post
9AM — 7PM Sierra Trading Post was worth the visit and we still made camp before dark. Pronghorn
Sunday Tetons:
Hiked Bradley & Taggert Lakes
Jenny Lake scenic drive (Black Bear)
Oxbow Bend
9AM – 6PM Deep snow, minimal trail, fun. Cool to cold but not windy. Marmots
Black Bear & Cub
Bald Eagle
Monday Tetons:
Hiked to Hidden Falls
Drive through Yellowstone (3:45)
Passed through Yellowstone @ dusk
Got to the motel @ 11ish
Deep snow, minimal trail, fun. Cool to cold but mostly calm — except the momentary snow storm. Late drive fine b/c no need to make camp Moose
Grizzly & Cub
Tuesday Yellowstone:
Provisioning stop @ Wally’s
Setup camp
Mammoth Hot Springs
Hiking in the afternoon, late return Mammoth Hot Springs was a basic, boardwalk / trails hike. Bighorn Sheep
Wednesday Yellowstone:
Norris Basin
Lower Geyser Basin
Old Faithful Geyser Basin
Hayden Valley in the evening
Up Earlyish
Left Old Faithful Basin @ 6PM
Lots of walking with other people on boardwalks. Bison
More Bison
No Wolves
Thursday Yellowstone:
Hayden Valley Grizzly
Yellowstone Falls
Artists Paint Pots
Nice sunset
Up Earlyish Tried to hike to Rainbow Lake… trail not passable. Might have been doable in the early AM when still frozen. Coyote
Friday Yellowstone:
Lamar Valley (canceled)
Tower Falls
Mt. Washburn
Drive to Belle Fourche (7hr).
Earlyish, but needed to pack up Drive into the night, 6PM – 3AM Should probably have realized that we weren’t going to make it to Lamar Valley “early” after packing up camp If the trail to the lower Tower Falls lookout is not fully open, don’t bother. Bison
Black Bear
Cinnamon Black Bear
Bighorn Sheep
Saturday Drive to Rushmore
Drive to Badlands
Castle Trail / Medicine Root Trail
Rushmore: 12PM
Badlands: 5:00PM
Rushmore was a joke but the box has been checked Badlands hike was late, but good. No Rattlesnakes
Pepe Le Elk (Deer)
Sunday Badlands:
Door Trail
Window Trail Notch Trail
Prairie Dog Town Wall Drug
Drive to Chicago
Left Badlands @ 5:30PM Careful driving through Montana at night. Not freeway and thus nothing is open. Fortunately we didn’t need gas. No Rattlesnakes
Prairie Dogs
Monday Unpack Could have found somewhere to stay, but not much else to see between Badlands and Chicago
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