Burg Eltz, Germany

Burg Eltz

I’ve been digging through my picture repository lately with the intention of paring down the photos I keep to at least just the ones that I deem decent.  I’ve also been interested in the idea of doing a daily photo for a while.  I think some of the daily photo type blogs are aimed at taking a photo every day.  I think that might get very redundant, so I’m going to just post a photo from the archives every day.  I have no specific themes or ordering in mind at this point .

First up is this one of Burg Eltz.  In 2001 when I was on study abroad in Germany.  We had train passes and no classes on Fridays so we took a lot of long weekend trips along with a couple longer, planned trips like the bus trip to the Rhine and a couple of castle tours that yielded this picture.

I had bought an Olympus C-2040 – a 2MP digital camera (state of the art at the time) specifically for this trip.  Armed with that, three 64MB Smartmedia cards and a pile of rechargeable AA batteries, I could take about 200 pictures before returning to our home base.  I think I was the only one on the trip with a digital camera and a laptop, so many group photos were taken with my camera as well.

This specific picture sticks out in my mind because I posted it some time after getting home (this is not the first sharing) and at some point, someone found it and requested to use it as the cover photo for a German language book.  That never materialized, and I’m not sure a 2MP picture is good enough for a book cover anyway, but it was still one of my favorites and at least one other person thought it was pretty good too.

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