Oregon – Day 3 – Crater Lake

Day 3 was mostly spent at Crater Lake.  I like to relax on vacation by demanding that we wake up in time for sunrise and go to take pictures.  In light of this, we got up early to head to Watchman overlook with our coffee, but finding clouds there, backtracked to Discover Point and arrived just moments after the sun peeked out.  Unfortunately, or fortunately if you like the look of it, there was a cloud in the direct path of the sun coming up.  Either way, we were only there for one morning, so I took a bunch of pictures and then we headed back to the campground to pack up and move out.

The next item on the list of the day was Mt. Scott (6), which was delayed only by a brief stop at Cloudcap overlook (yes, the overlooks largely appear the same, but we stopped off at several none the less).  Mt. Scott was about a 5 mile round trip following an arc up the ‘back’ side of the mountain to avoid the bowl on the lake side.  The trail comes around and back into view of the lake near the top and continues to the watchtower / ranger outpost at the top (no open to visitors).  It covered 1250ft. of elevation (1 to 10.6).

After the return hike we continued around the lake, stopping off at Wineglass overlook.  Unlike most places, where midday doesn’t yield the best of pictures, the high sun really brings out the blue of the cold, deep water so midday pictures were great.

Third point on the list was to park at the Cleetwood Cove Trail (7) to hike down to Crater Lake.  This was a 700ft descent over a bit more than a mile (1 to 8.3) ending at lake level.  The lake was cold, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to jump in.  There were two cliff jumps into the lake – we both jumped in, but I chickened out did the smaller jump.

After the hike, we continued around the lake back to the north access, snapped a few more final farewell pictures and went on our way.  It was a bit of a drive out of the park (remember, this is why I should have gotten gas on the way in) but we made it to Newport, Oregon for the next day’s adventures up the coast.

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