West 2019 – Day 18 – Roosevelt NP

Wednesday 8/28

We drove the remainder of the drive from Billings to Teddy Roosevelt National Park, getting there in the afternoon. Found a campsite at the Cottonwood campground that was sufficiently shady and set up the tent under a tree. Stopped at the picnic area to make lunch and then headed further into the park.

The park consists of one main drive. It is normally a loop, but a portion of the road was closed, so the drive was more of a backward question mark shape. We drove a portion of it, stopping off at a few of the overlooks and adding wild horses to the animal checklist.  I think the original park entrance was the furthest point on our drive where we had a walk through the prairie dog town. The prairie dogs were not particularly skittish, so we were pretty close to some of them. We got to observe the “all clear” squeal and wave (the meaning was determined the next day by the ranger in the visitor center).

After sunset, we drove out to Medora (the town at the entrance to the park) on the rumor that there might be something interesting to see or do in town. Whoever gave that information was incorrect as there was not much open, or even lit up enough to see after 8pm. We drove back to the campsite, took a few more pictures of the stars and went to bed.

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