West 2019 – Day 19 – Roosevelt NP

Thursday 8/29

As noted, the park isn’t huge, so we headed up the main drive again stopping at a few of the same spots and a few new ones on the way. We did a few shorter hikes, some of which seemed to be kind of hikes to nowhere and improvised a few “hikes” in the form of some random wandering into valleys, but it didn’t seem there was much for variety or longer full-day hikes.  On the way out of the park, we stopped a the visitor center for a while, drove up through Medora and then stopped at the other visitor center on the other end of the park. The second visitor center had a little more information about Roosevelt and how the park was formed, but we did not do much more park exploring at that end.  It appeared that there were some decently long trails in that area, though we didn’t really have a plan and it was getting later in the day, so we didn’t explore those.  It could also be possible that by this time we were generally tired and lacking motivation to fit anything new into the itinerary as tends to be the attitude once we set ourselves on the home-stretch.

We departed south toward Wind Cave National Park, planning on finding somewhere near Rapid City to stay for the night. Ended up at the Ramada Inn.

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