Friday night I went to Grand Rapids to help Josh move on Saturday.

Saturday morning, we went to get the truck and Budget had lost his reservation. Crap. Spent an hour or so there, then found a UHaul location with an available truck. Back on track, although behind schedule.

While Josh went to get the truck his brother, a couple friends from work and I moved most of his stuff to the parking lot. We then proceeded to achieve an enviable packing density of stuff in the combination of the UHaul and our various vehicles.

We drove it all to Portland where we got to see and tour Josh and Megan’s new house. I approve, it’s on the small side (which is OK since it’s just two of them) and nice in my opinion. It has a full partially finished basement and a one car garage in back.

We unloaded stuff into the combination of basement, living room and bed room. Various people left at various times, but those of us still around afterward walked downtown for some food. I approve of the town in general – small, so probably not so cultural as East Lansing, but nice. They are very close to the Grand River so he can kayak up and down that. We might be doing a down stream trip covering both the Red Cedar and Grand this summer from my house to his.

I’ll start this off like a persuasive essay, with a universal truth. Not written by me.

The UHaul and most of our crew with Josh’s apartment in the background.

My jeep and the new house.

The new house, untainted by my Jeep.

As I was leaving Portland, still on the freeway entrance ramp, my muffler and remaining tailpipe took their leave of my Jeep. This means my Jeep is now ridiculously loud. I guess I’ll have to be getting a replacement, because driving it in the current state for any more than 15 minutes kind of becomes unbearable and is probably a violation of noise ordinances in any city limits.

Bike Helmets

Much to my delight, my head is not mush right now because of my helmet. I kind of was going too fast into the turn from Hagadorn to Shaw. I should have been in the car lane and then all would have been fine, but I wasn’t, I was wider in the turn because there was a car coming up in the car lane. Well, I ended up too wide in the turn and in the mental debate between getting hit by the car or hitting the curb, the curb seemed the better option.

So, I hit it, kind of hard. I went over the handle bars and flew a little ways. I landed at the grass / dirt and sidewalk junction. My shoulder took most of the hit on the grass and my helmet took a fair bit on the sidewalk. My lower body apparently contined over and came down on the sidewalk because I can tell I kicked it pretty hard with my left heel.

Some pictures after the break

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Pictures Etc.

Some pictures I took on my way home today. They might have been better taken yesterday, but alas I didn’t have my camera with me. I certainly would have liked to have a tripod, since taking 1/3 – 1 second pictures by hand is rough. (I took 30 trying to get these two.)I forgot how much I like taking pictures.

In other news, the first ski day of the year was had on Sunday. Doug and I joined up with a friend of Doug’s from radio land and went up to Boyne Mountain. The conditions weren’t amazing, but I wasn’t skiing on dirt either and given the current stage of the season that we are in, I’m inclined to take what I can get. Demoed a pair of Volkl AC3’s which were nice, a little easier to get one edge, but a little slower edge to edge. They certainly would be better in heavy powder, but my skis are about as good as I expect to find for groomed stuff.

Steve recently started a myspace account and prompted by his questions, I resurected mine. It’s interesting finding out tidbits about people who I haven’t talked to in 7 plus years. 😛

I have decided I want to read the Dragonriders of Pern series. Its 18 books or something, but they’re written for kids so I’m figuring I can read the set in a month.