San Francisco Day 7 – San Francisco

Another awkwardly titled post, but anyway…

Our second say in San Francisco we got lucky at snagged last minute tickets to Alcatraz for the morning.  We didn’t think it would have been a sold-out kind of tour, but it apparently is, and when we first looked tickets weren’t available, but upon a double or triple check they were.

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San Francisco Day 6 – San Francisco

Now for your oddly titled post… Day six of the San Francisco trip was actually spent *in* San Francisco.

We stayed close to downtown at Adante Hotel, which was good, because driving would have been near impossible, but bad because the hotel itself was kinda dumpy, and did not have parking included (which was  my misunderstanding starting out).  So, Parking was an extra $40/night.  Beyond that, I’m not really knowledgeable on the areas of downtown so I’m not sure if we stayed at a good, bad or otherwise area.

cable car

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