Grand Haven Lighthouse Sunset

Grand Haven Lighthouse Sunset – a bit grainy (this one is just one shot with the shadows brought up a lot) but nice none the less. Remember when Lake Michigan was below freezing and Lake Michigan was ice as far as you could see?  You do now… As the temperature… Continue reading


Just happened to be heading out for some kayaking when the Algoway was backing out of the Grand Haven channel.  Thanks to the giant ship, you can’t see smoke from the recently extinguished camper fire in Grand Haven State Park. Picture taken with Sony a6000, SEL 18-200mm lens @ 18mm,… Continue reading

Grand Haven Lighthouse Sunset

Conforming to the guidance mentioned in yesterday’s post, this shot doesn’t have the sun included.  I’ve replaced it with a lighthouse instead.  Still a series of 5 shots because I wanted the light to be more than a silhouette. Pictures taken with Sony a6000, E PZ 16-50mm lens @ 16mm,… Continue reading

Lake Michigan Sunset

What might be a better rendering on the sunset in Grand Haven this weekend.  Newer version first, yesterday’s daily-photo version second.  Both created the same way, but the newer one had a brighter exposure available to integrate into the mix, and I added a graduated neutral density filter digitally to… Continue reading