Manitou Passage Lighthouse

Last lighthouse for a bit… maybe.  The light(house) in the middle of the Manitou Passage about three miles off the mainland and off the shore of North Manitou Island.  As you can sort of see, it’s a residence for birds now and thanks to that it stinks pretty horribly and… Continue reading

Round Island Lighthouse

This picture is so-so, but it fits the lighthouse theme… the Round Island Lighthouse opposite Mackinac Island across the channel there.  I’ve successfully watched fireworks from this lighthouse, which I highly recommend. Picture taken with Pentax Optio W60, lens @ 6.1mm (34mm eq), f/6.1, 1/20 sec, ISO 200

South Manitou Lighthouse

The South Manitou Lighthouse from the water upon arrival after one of our early and poorly coordinated (read: stupid) crossings.  We actually saved most of the stupid for the return trip which had worse conditions and way more distance between the three of us such that we were effectively all… Continue reading