Grand Haven Waves

Grand Haven

A different angle on the waves in Grand Haven – I’d like to have gotten in front of the light posts, but I also wanted to keep my shoes dry.  Apparently, I’m not willing to make the sacrifices it takes to get the shot.

Photo taken with Nikon D80 (not mine), Nikor 18-135mm lens @ 135mm, f/5.6, 1/320 sec shutter, ISO 100.

Grand Haven Lighthouse Sunset

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse Sunset – a bit grainy (this one is just one shot with the shadows brought up a lot) but nice none the less.

Remember when Lake Michigan was below freezing and Lake Michigan was ice as far as you could see?  You do now… As the temperature is cooling down I figured everyone would like a little reminder of what the landscape will be like in 5 or so months.

Picture taken with Sony a6000, SELP55210 lens @ 55mm, f/11, 1/160, ISO 100.

Lake Michigan Sunset

Empire Dunes Sunset

Went up to Traverse City last weekend and made it out to Empire for sunset.  Taken from the top of one of the dunes (I don’t think it has a name) just south of Empire.  We kind of got robbed of a true sunset because of the low clouds that blocked the sun before it went down fully.

Picture taken with Sony a6000, SELP1650 lens @ 16mm, ISO 100

Grand Haven Lighthouse Sunset

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Conforming to the guidance mentioned in yesterday’s post, this shot doesn’t have the sun included.  I’ve replaced it with a lighthouse instead.  Still a series of 5 shots because I wanted the light to be more than a silhouette.

Pictures taken with Sony a6000, E PZ 16-50mm lens @ 16mm, f/11, 1/60 – 1/15 sec, ISO 100.

Lake Michigan Sunset

Grand Haven Sunset Lake Michigan Sunset

What might be a better rendering on the sunset in Grand Haven this weekend.  Newer version first, yesterday’s daily-photo version second.  Both created the same way, but the newer one had a brighter exposure available to integrate into the mix, and I added a graduated neutral density filter digitally to leave the ice and snow white while bringing the sky down.

Pictures taken with Sony a6000, E PZ 16-50mm lens @ 29mm, various shutter & aperture settings, ISO 100


Grand Haven Sunset

Lake Michigan Sunset

The general wisdom, I think, I that sunset pictures don’t actually include the sun.  I’m still learning this Sony camera thing, but as far as I can tell it will only do bracketed shots 5 x .7EV apart, which means a max of plus or minus 1.4EV.  I’m spoiled because on the Canon I run Magic Lantern which will facilitate bracketing until nothing is overexposed or underexposed.

Anyway, that said, this is the composite of five shots to get the sun, horizon and ice all kind of correctly exposed.

Pictures taken with Sony a6000, E PZ 16-50mm lens @ 29mm, f/7.1, 1/320 – 1/100 sec, ISO 100.

Grand Haven Waves

Grand Haven Waves

One day, several years ago (2009), someone at work noted that there were reportedly 18ft waves on Lake Michigan.  A number of us decided to take a little lunch time road trip over to the lake to check it out.  I absconded with the camera from work and this was one of the more impressive shots I was able to get of the waves smashing into the Grand Haven channel.  They were regularly coming up over the break wall as you can kind of figure by the peaks in the channel visible over the break wall.  Clearly they weren’t 18 footers near shore, but still impressive.

This is one of few, photos I have prints of because Janet made me a refrigerator magnet out of it.

Photo taken with Nikon D80 (not mine), Nikor 18-135mm lens @ 100mm, f/5.6, 1/400 sec shutter, ISO 100.

Camera note – back then, I suspect that Canon still* won the sensor noise battle, which I’m reminded of because I did a decent amount of noise reduction on this picture which really shouldn’t have been necessary, in my opinion, with a 1/400 shutter at ISO 100.  From what I’ve read, this no longer holds since Nikon started putting Sony sensors in their high end cameras.

* phrased this way because I know for sure this was the case when I bought the 300D / 350D cameras.

Sailboat on Lake Michigan

Sailboat on Lake Michigan

Back to not dying today – though fevers do apparently yield some odd dreams.

Sometime not that long after the trip to Mackinac, there was a trip to the Traverse City area.  One of the things to do was go to the Sleeping Bear Dunes – Janet had never been there before and I hadn’t been there in a while.  We started on the hike back to Lake Michigan, but didn’t make it – in part because maybe we didn’t really try very hard and in part because the hot sand gave me a blister that then turned into a sizable hole in the sole of my foot.  There are a few pictures that may someday surface from the actual Dune Climb.

In addition to the Dune Climb, there is Pierce Stocking Drive (which until this very moment, I always though was Pier Stocking Drive – seemed like an odd name for Pier).  It winds up and through the dunes, just to the south of the climb I think.  On this drive is the Lake Michigan overlook which is a 450′ dune, and despite the name is climbable and not just for looking.  To take a section of that Wiki article:

Overlook 9 is next to the bluff on Lake Michigan, 450 feet (140 m) above the water […].  These two locations are considered especially hazardous because of the heights involved. In 2002, the Detroit Free Press noted that a half-dozen visitors have to be rescued by paramedics at these two overlooks after falls. The community of Glen Arbor has a special off-road vehicle to effect rescues from the base of the cliffs.

And, this picture of some random sailboat on Lake Michigan was taken from that overlook, having no other connection to the blathering above.  I don’t know anything about that boat or the person sailing it, and it’s not even a very good picture from a technical standpoint as I for some reason decided (or forgot I had previously decided) to take it at f/11, yielding a shutter speed that was too slow for the amount of movement present.  I just like the little orange boat against the patterns in the blue water.

Picture taken with Canon 60D, EF-S 18-135mm lens @ 135mm, f/11, 1/60 sec shutter, ISO 100