Rainier Wildflowers

I had a concept in mind for this picture, but I think I didn’t execute it quite right.  I probably should have poked around a bit more to find a better flower patch without the little tree to the right.  Also, the shot ended up busier than I expected. Picture… Continue reading


This was an unmarked side-waterfall along the White River Trail up toward Mt. Rainier.  I like the end product better than I thought I would – should have taken the time to pull out the tripod, because the 0.8 second shutter speed is pretty obvious. Picture taken with Sony a6000,… Continue reading

Rock Licking Mountain Goat

One more of the mountain goat that we came upon at the top of Mt. Ellinor.  They lick the rocks scavenging salt.  There are plentiful warnings that they will also lick / nibble / attack people to get at their sweaty and thus salty clothes. Picture taken with Sony a6000, SEL… Continue reading