Engelberg Mountains

Engelberg, Switzerland is still possibly the most picturesque little town I’ve ever been to.  It seemed like it must have been completely kept in existence by tourism, but it didn’t have the level of commercialization that it seems most ski areas do. “It’s a German legend, there’s always going to… Continue reading


There’s nothing particularly notable about this building and courtyard in Japan and I’m not even sure what the building is.  I still find it kind of picturesque, probably just because of how clean everything in Japan is kept.  I think I stayed at the hotel from where this was taken two… Continue reading

Smoky Mountains 2015 – Day 4

Smoky Mountains Day 4 itinerary: 6:30 – got to Cades Cove (sunrise) Drove two loops around Cades Cove Started hiking Middle-Prong trail Turned back due to rain Stopped at “The Sinks” Returned to hotel – nap 4:30 – Chimney’s Trail 7:00 – return to trailhead Bear sighting Drove through Gatlinburg… Continue reading

Smoky Mountains 2015 – Day 3

Smoky Mountains Day 3 itinerary: Slept in (forecast of rain) 11:30 – stopped at NOC for a hat 12:00 – Alum trail to Mt. LaConte 7:00 – return to trailhead Return to hotel, made dinner Went to Morton Overlook for sunset It was supposed to rain on Saturday, so we… Continue reading

Smoky Mountains 2015 – Day 2

Smoky Mountains Day 2 itinerary: Stupid early – drive to Clingman’s Dome Nap in Clingman’s Dome parking lot 9:00 – Hiked to Clingman’s Dome Continue down the Appalachian Trail Fail to find Siler’s Bald 4:30 – return to Clingman’s Dome lot Returned to hotel Day 2’s itinerary really only had… Continue reading

Smoky Mountains 2015 – Day 1

Smoky Mountains Day 1 itinerary: 9:30pm (CT) – depart Chicago (Midlothian) Drove through the night 8:30am – arrive in the Smoky Mountains Stopped at Sugarlands visitor center Headed to Ramsey Falls (+ coffee) 10:20 – started hike 12:15 – arrived at the fall 1:15 – start descent 3:30 – return… Continue reading

Tetons & Yellowstone — Badlands National Park

Well, the title of this post is dumb because I’ve been referring to the trip as the Tetons & Yellowstone even though it also included the South Dakota Badlands.  The Badlands was kind of an add-on, somewhere to stop on the drive if we had time.  We weren’t exactly sure… Continue reading

Tetons & Yellowstone – Yellowstone Falls

We started out the day with the plan to go see Yellowstone Falls and Artist’s Point (#3).  The ranger told us that there was 6ft of snow on the trail, but we figured he was just being cautious and we’d go regardless, like we had in the Tetons. On our… Continue reading