Washington – Day 8 – Mt. Rainier

Day 7 was partially taken up with our descent from Lake of the Angels, partially taken up with our loitering at the trail head pondering what to do next and partially taken up driving toward Mt. Rainier.  We stopped off at a hotel along the way as it was suspected… Continue reading


This was one of the shots that comprised the previous moon HDR pic.  The images in that one weren’t really that well aligned, so everything was quite soft.  This one didn’t have quite the detail on the edges, but overall it’s a much better picture. Picture taken with Sony a6000,… Continue reading

Rock Licking Mountain Goat

One more of the mountain goat that we came upon at the top of Mt. Ellinor.  They lick the rocks scavenging salt.  There are plentiful warnings that they will also lick / nibble / attack people to get at their sweaty and thus salty clothes. Picture taken with Sony a6000, SEL… Continue reading


These incredibly blue hydrangeas were blooming along the road and at the ranger station in Olympic National Forrest.  I waited too long to try to get a picture of one though and the sun was pretty high and bright by that time. Picture taken with Sony a6000, SEL 18-200mm lens… Continue reading