Ramsey Falls

A second picture of Ramsey Falls – this one maybe more ‘interesting’ than particularly good.  I had read about a technique of compiling multiple pictures to gain the effect of using a ND filter and slow shutter.  This was the outcome of 21 pictures, all taken at 1/250 shutter and… Continue reading

Cantilevered Barn

These cantilevered barns are an interesting concept to me – apparently allowed storage of hay and such on the second level while allowing a wagon to sit directly underneath.  Maybe it makes sense if you want to keep a wagon load of stuff dry or want to be able to… Continue reading

Cades Cove

We woke up stupidly early to go over Cades Cove and seek out wildlife pictures.  We didn’t see any ‘special’ wildlife (deer and turkey don’t count here) but the entire place was covered in fog, so it was something a little different to photograph. Picture taken with Sony a6000, SEL… Continue reading

Mountains at Sunset

Mountains at Sunset – inspired by one of the magnets at the visitor center.  Figured I’d try my hand at capturing some of the layers of mountains in the early morning / late evening haze.  This was taken after the Alum Caves Trail, so I’m assuming that we drove just… Continue reading

Walker Camp Prong

I am pretty sure this is a picture looking up Walker Camp Prong taken right before we returned to the Alum Cave Trailhead. Photographically, I like this one.  I had a somewhat specific idea of looking for a scene like this on the trip (thus the care to actually pack… Continue reading