One of the evenings when we weren’t cramming schnitzel into our faces, we went out to Octoberfest to drink large volumes of fair-to-middlin’ beer.  In hindsight, this was not a good idea, but it would have been rude to decline our hosts’ invitation. The entire todo around Octoberfest is pretty… Continue reading


And, what does one get to eat at the Werner restaurant?  A meter long schnitzel!  For those who might not know, schnitzel is fried steak.  This place served schnitzel that was a meter long… and our table downed two of them.  It was not a healthy trip.  Also, since you… Continue reading

Washington – Day 8 – Mt. Rainier

Day 7 was partially taken up with our descent from Lake of the Angels, partially taken up with our loitering at the trail head pondering what to do next and partially taken up driving toward Mt. Rainier.  We stopped off at a hotel along the way as it was suspected… Continue reading

Washington – Day 6 & 7 – Olympic National Park

We actually got up early and left Aberdeen right around 7AM headed for the Mt. Ellinor trail head which we reached around 9:00.  I think there were two trail heads for Mt. Elinore and we were heading for the upper, which involved many miles of bumpy dirt road to access. … Continue reading

Washington – Day 5 – Olympic National Forest

Because we stopped short of Olympic National Forest, we had to finish the drive up to Quinault first thing in the morning.  The first stop was a the USFS / NPS Recreation Information building where we got a map of the immediate area (not so much Olympic National Park as… Continue reading

Rainier Wildflowers

I had a concept in mind for this picture, but I think I didn’t execute it quite right.  I probably should have poked around a bit more to find a better flower patch without the little tree to the right.  Also, the shot ended up busier than I expected. Picture… Continue reading