This was an unmarked side-waterfall along the White River Trail up toward Mt. Rainier.  I like the end product better than I thought I would – should have taken the time to pull out the tripod, because the 0.8 second shutter speed is pretty obvious. Picture taken with Sony a6000,… Continue reading

Oregon – Day 4 – Oregon Coast

Day 4 entailed a lot of driving, with a few stops along the Oregon coast mixed in.  Our first attempt was a lighthouse very near Newport, but the line of cars just to get into the park was extending beyond visible range of the entrance so we took the hint… Continue reading


This was one of the shots that comprised the previous moon HDR pic.  The images in that one weren’t really that well aligned, so everything was quite soft.  This one didn’t have quite the detail on the edges, but overall it’s a much better picture. Picture taken with Sony a6000,… Continue reading

Oregon – Day 3 – Crater Lake

Day 3 was mostly spent at Crater Lake.  I like to relax on vacation by demanding that we wake up in time for sunrise and go to take pictures.  In light of this, we got up early to head to Watchman overlook with our coffee, but finding clouds there, backtracked… Continue reading

Grand Haven Lighthouse Sunset

Grand Haven Lighthouse Sunset – a bit grainy (this one is just one shot with the shadows brought up a lot) but nice none the less. Remember when Lake Michigan was below freezing and Lake Michigan was ice as far as you could see?  You do now… As the temperature… Continue reading