Yosemite Sunset

Yosemite SUnset

Sunset in Yosemite National Park – similar to one I posted long ago, but the a wider angle showing the trees.  That said, I’m not completely fond of the look that the foreground trees took on in this HDR rendition, but the HDR was a must really to get the trees to show up at all.

Pictures taken with Canon 60D, EF-S 10-22mm lens @ 15mm, many shutters, f/8, ISO 200

Badlands Panorama


I feel like the Badlands get ignored because they don’t have the biggest, tallest, wildest, whatever-est claim, but it really was a beautiful park, and based on pictures I’ve seen from other people, I would readily go back there for another visit.  Of course, we were there in the early early spring – maybe things get a bit more dead and tumble-week like later in the year.

Pictures taken with Panasonic Lumix TS-4, lens @ 4.9mm (28mm eq.), 1/1250 sec, f/3.3, ISO 100

Oregon – Day 3 – Crater Lake

Day 3 was mostly spent at Crater Lake.  I like to relax on vacation by demanding that we wake up in time for sunrise and go to take pictures.  In light of this, we got up early to head to Watchman overlook with our coffee, but finding clouds there, backtracked to Discover Point and arrived just moments after the sun peeked out.  Unfortunately, or fortunately if you like the look of it, there was a cloud in the direct path of the sun coming up.  Either way, we were only there for one morning, so I took a bunch of pictures and then we headed back to the campground to pack up and move out.

Sunrise over Crater Lake

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Grand Haven Lighthouse Sunset

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse Sunset – a bit grainy (this one is just one shot with the shadows brought up a lot) but nice none the less.

Remember when Lake Michigan was below freezing and Lake Michigan was ice as far as you could see?  You do now… As the temperature is cooling down I figured everyone would like a little reminder of what the landscape will be like in 5 or so months.

Picture taken with Sony a6000, SELP55210 lens @ 55mm, f/11, 1/160, ISO 100.

Oregon – Day 2 – Crater Lake

Day 2 was our started by completing the drive to Crater Lake.  Like a lot of the National Parks, the area you want to get to ends up being rather remote and it was about a 45 minute drive from the nearest town into the closest visitor center.  With that in mind, I should have stopped for gas at that nearest town…  Fortunately, the park is pretty well developed and has a small general store with fuel near Mazama Village where the campsite was (3).

Crater Lake

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Crater Lake Sunset

Crater Lake Sunset

Sunset Sunday!  Sunset over Crater Lake last week, not the greatest as sunsets go, but there were a few moments where the clouds looked cool, and the setting was pretty awesome.  I think this one would look better with a bit of adjustment, but I don’t have that accessible at the moment.

Picture taken with Sony a6000, SEL 18-200mm lens @ 85mm, 1/125 sec, f/8, ISO 100



This sunset (now with sailboat!) was already in the queue before I developed the Sunday plan…  From the Grand Haven breakwall on the North side of the channel, which might actually mean this is from Ferrysburg.  I was over there for a paddle and got back just before sunset but with not enough time to make it around to the Grand Haven side.

Picture taken with Sony a6000, SEL 18-200mm lens @ 156mm, 1/160 sec shutter, f/8, ISO 100