Sunset from the South end Comstock Riverside Park at the end of a run.  This is my current favorite place to run because it’s a pretty nice park and because I know the markers for common distances out and back. Picture taken with Samsung Galaxy S4, 4.2mm lens (31mm equivalent),… Continue reading

Moonrise over Reed’s Lake

Took an evening to experiment with moonrise photography and took this one of the moonrise over Reed’s Lake in East Grand Rapids. I think the key to moon photography is having a clear view of something interesting but far away to make a foreground.  I only partially succeeded in this… Continue reading

Smoky Mountain Sunset

New picture from the recent weekend in the Smoky Mountains.  Specifically tried to get some sunrise and sunset pictures this time, which was helped by staying closer to the park than the last time we were there.  The downside of trying to practice photography more is that I have far… Continue reading