Grand Haven Lighthouse Sunset

Conforming to the guidance mentioned in yesterday’s post, this shot doesn’t have the sun included.  I’ve replaced it with a lighthouse instead.  Still a series of 5 shots because I wanted the light to be more than a silhouette. Pictures taken with Sony a6000, E PZ 16-50mm lens @ 16mm,… Continue reading

Lake Michigan Sunset

What might be a better rendering on the sunset in Grand Haven this weekend.  Newer version first, yesterday’s daily-photo version second.  Both created the same way, but the newer one had a brighter exposure available to integrate into the mix, and I added a graduated neutral density filter digitally to… Continue reading

Sunset Over West Grand Traverse Bay

From 4th of July (actually the 5th) 2013 I hereby present this marvelous sunset over West Grand Traverse Bay.  Was sitting at the Open Space (or whatever it’s called now) waiting for fireworks to start.  I must have decided that I didn’t want to carry the SLR & accessories through… Continue reading