Salt Chandelier

A salt chandelier found in the Krakow salt mines in Poland (not the salt deposits on the ceiling).  This was one of the cooler authentic pieces, as opposed to some of the re-created scenes seen elsewhere. Picture taken with Olympus C2040z, lens @9.5mm (125mm eq), 1/40 sec shutter, f/2, ISO 100

Wellington Arch

This is Wellington Arch located in London outside Buckingham Palace and next to Hyde Park.  I’m not sure what the significance of all the arches and obelisks are, but they seem to be universally loved by the Europeans… Picture taken with Olympus C2040z, lens @ 11.9mm (66mm eq), 1/320 sec shutter,… Continue reading

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

This is the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church which, moments ago, I didn’t know much about other than it was some old half bombed steeple in Berlin.  Kind of an interestingly preserved remnant of WW2. Picture taken with Olympus C2040z, lens @ 15.8mm (87mm eq), 1/400 sec shutter, f/5.6, ISO 100

Titlis Rotair

The Titlis Rotair gondola heading up (or down, not sure) the mountain in Engelberg Switzerland.  I thin k it’s claim to fame is that, as the name hints, it rotates while traveling giving the occupants a 360 view of the landscape.  My claim to fame is that I rode it… Continue reading