Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis

This is one of the stupidest tourist attractions you can visit: Mannekin Pis in Brussels, Belgium.  But, we did it anyway and I took a picture, so here it is.  There are little outfits that he gets dressed up in at various times of year.  Maybe the most entertaining part is that it’s so over hyped and then you see it and realize it’s a 2′ tall statue of a little boy peeing.

Picture taken with Olympus C2040z, lens @ 21mm (120mm eq), 1/125 sec shutter, f/2.6, ISO 100

Smoky Mountains 2015 – Day 4


Smoky Mountains Day 4 itinerary:

  • 6:30 – got to Cades Cove (sunrise)
  • Drove two loops around Cades Cove
  • Started hiking Middle-Prong trail
  • Turned back due to rain
  • Stopped at “The Sinks”
  • Returned to hotel – nap
  • 4:30 – Chimney’s Trail
  • 7:00 – return to trailhead
  • Bear sighting
  • Drove through Gatlinburg
  • Geocaching and dinner in G-burg

It was rumored that Cades Cove was the best place to go for sunrise, so we figured we’d best to that at least one morning.  Cades Cove is 45 minutes to an hour from the entrance to the park (disregarding the campground next to the cove).  There had been a storm the night before, and we did find one tree down along the way.  Fortunately it didn’t block enough of the road and shoulder to prevent the Subaru from getting through.  We got to Cades Cove before the gate opened, so as early as we could.  I think we were car #3 in line.

I expected to be in search of a new view for sunrise and wildlife, but I think that was a misconception, at least with regards to the sunrise.  Maybe thanks to the storm the night before, the entire area was blanketed in fog.  This yielded a different kind of photography opportunity.  It did limit the likelihood of seeing much wildlife as on our first pass around the loop, we couldn’t see more than 100 yards or so from the road. Continue reading



From Artprize 2013.  I have a like of the large metal sculptures (when done skillfully and with enough detail to be impressive).

Picture taken with Canon 60D, EF-S 10-22mm lens @ 10mm, 1/15 sec shutter, f/16*, ISO 200

I only much later realized the depth of field on a wide angle lens is so huge that f/16 wasn’t even close to necessary.  f/5.6 would have sufficed so long as the focal point was beyond 3ft from me, which I’m pretty sure it was.

Smoky Mountains 2015 – Day 3


Smoky Mountains Day 3 itinerary:

  • Slept in (forecast of rain)
  • 11:30 – stopped at NOC for a hat
  • 12:00 – Alum trail to Mt. LaConte
  • 7:00 – return to trailhead
  • Return to hotel, made dinner
  • Went to Morton Overlook for sunset

It was supposed to rain on Saturday, so we didn’t really hurry to get up and going.  Turns out, that forecast was wrong and we probably could have gotten an earlier start.

We had noticed that there was an NOC (Nantahala Outdoor Center) building on the border of the park just in Gatlinburg.  I was unaware that NOC had physical stores – I thought they were an online only entity – but since it was there it got added to our list of things to do.  We stopped in mainly just to browse, and because I wanted a less warm hat than the one I was forced to use the day before.

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Brussels Town Hall

Brussels Town Hall Light Show

Brussels Town Hall along the Grand Place, which is really just a huge town square.   At night they do a light show as seen here.  There was music to accompany, but the picture failed to capture that.

Picture taken with Olympus C2040z, lens @ 7.3mm (40mm eq), 1/6 sec shutter, f/1.8, ISO 200

Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps

A shot of the Swiss Alps taken over the town of Engelberg, the site of my one over-seas skiing experience.  It was probably a stupid waste of money to go on my own to Engelberg just to ski in July, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Switzerland definitely has some beautiful areas, both as shown here and some of the countryside that the train passed through getting here.

Picture taken with Olympus C2040z, lens @ 10.6mm (58mm eq), 1/400 sec shutter, f/6.3, ISO 100



Some bridge in Luxembourg… which given the size of the country, a quick google search for “Luxembourg Bridge” shows that there are only two, and that this is the The Passerelle, also known as the Luxembourg Viaduct.  It’s also known as the “Old Bridge” which supports my claim that there are only two – the old and the new.

Picture taken with Olympus C2040z, lens @ 7.3mm (40mm eq), 1/400 sec shutter, f/5, ISO 100

Gate of Science

Gate of Science

This is the “Gate of Science” and since Univeristy of Kaiserslautern was an engineering school, images of this were everywhere.  The building shown here was on the far end of campus, and was one of the Electrical Engineering buildings.  It may have been the building that had a bar on the first floor in place of what was supposed to be a lab.

Picture taken with Olympus C2040z, lens @ 7.3mm (40mm eq), 1/400 sec shutter, f/2.3, ISO 100