San Francisco Vacation – Day 1 – Sonoma Valley


Janet and I decided to take another vacation, probably because I failed to organize a winter ski vacation.  Going to San Francisco came up because, well, it’s supposed to be nice to visit and didn’t have any specific preparation requirements other than pondering what we wanted to do when we go there.  We flew out there October 19th on an early evening flight out of Chicago to San Francisco. We flew on Virgin America, because they had a direct flight and because they were cheaper than most. They also happen to have some of the nicest coach seats in the industry – clean, relatively comfortable and with a certain bit of style which is lacking in the other airlines. They have nice mood lighting on board and individual video screens on all seats. You have to pay for movies, but watching TV or listening to music were free. In addition, the video screens allow ordering of food and beverage.

Ledson Winery
Since we went in late October, the vines were changing colors

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