Mt. Washburn

The view descending Mt. Washburn – somewhere along that ridge we had to break right and cross the snow which was the most adventurous part of the hike, particularly around the edges where we’d occasionally just drop through.  Fortunately, we didn’t step on any any marmot burrows or bear dens…. Continue reading

Black Bear

One of the black bears we saw in Yellowstone.  Looking back on these pictures, I wish I had a better camera (actually, better lens would have been preferable) and had shot them all as RAW files.  There was probably a quarter million dollars in lenses* standing the bank watching this… Continue reading

Mammoth Hot Springs

Looking up at the Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone – kind of the opposite view of the previous tree picture.  Had to climb on the railing to get high enough to just barely see into the pool in the middle there. Picture taken with Canon 60D, EF-S 10-22mm lens @ 10mm,… Continue reading

Tetons & Yellowstone – Mt. Washburn

We woke up and took some time to pack up camp as this was move-out day.  We were basically just going to head out the Northeast entrance to the park stopping for whatever we found along the way. First find, ignoring the road side bison that we shot some pics… Continue reading

Tetons & Yellowstone – Yellowstone Falls

We started out the day with the plan to go see Yellowstone Falls and Artist’s Point (#3).  The ranger told us that there was 6ft of snow on the trail, but we figured he was just being cautious and we’d go regardless, like we had in the Tetons. On our… Continue reading