High Stress

ECE 932 – This class is currently causing me severe amounts of stress… I don’t have a group, a project or a good idea and time to research it for my next presentation on Friday.

My gun broke, the slide catch no longer works… this just sucks, because now I have to spend time going to Gander Mtn. returning it, going back to pick it up, and after all that I still have a fear that it will be a recurring problem.

Summer… yeah, I still haven’t a clue what I’m doing this summer, or next year for that matter. I emailed the right people, but they didn’t email me back. And I can’t really go applying for jobs until I have some clue what I am doing between now and then.

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I'm a person. I live in Grand Rapids, MI and work as an Electrical Engineer. My hobbies at the time of this writing are kayaking, skiing, archery, photography and maybe biking. As this is my personal blog, my hobbies are likely the primary topics about which you will be reading.

4 Responses to High Stress

  1. anonymous says:

    If it will make you feel better, I’ll bend over, grab my ankles, and offer you my brownstar.



  2. anonymous says:

    I know mitch and that ain’t him.

    As for your situation, sounds like you’re screwed. Welcome to bitchville…..population…Matt.

  3. surly_bastard says:

    Hello, this is Surly, king of this domain. My empire is not known as bitchville, it is known as jackass county. Odd are good you would be shot on entry, most likely because you are a stupid shit log, but possibly just because of my personal boredom on the day of your arrival.

  4. surly_bastard says:

    First post is Josh, second is Mitch, third is me. For anyone who cares. And yes, I’m sure I’m right, don’t bother submitting bullshit arguements.

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