My goodness… throw up an away message about going on a date and you get people waking up in the middle of the night to inquire. For the record, Corrina had tickets to a show in Ann Arbor and I went with her.

I used all my best moves and suave lines, but she said she wouldn’t leave Doug for me :'( something about Doug and I living together causing too much tension. That, and the fact that he speaks French – I just can’t compete.

The show was pretty good. The opener was a guy named Sean / Shawn – very good feely type of music. The main show was Jolie Holland who although good, has an odd way of using words which made some of the stuff difficult to understand. She’s also quite spaced out – had to stop three or four songs to adjust something after the first few bars and didn’t come out for an encore / to greet the crowd after the show. :-/

Karaoke tonight? I’ll be there sometime after darkness sets in if it’s a go.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Karaoke is always a go.

  2. brownbanana says:

    Haha, yes!

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