The Longest Ride

Well, I spent this morning beating the shit out of myself. And pretty much the rest of the day recovering.

I suggested to Aren that we ride to Sleepy Hollow State Park. A good and noble idea. I thought it was about a 35 mile ride. I would have been fine for a 35 mile ride. It was 54 miles. That last 19 was shit. I lost all semblance of energy.

When I got home, I weighed myself to find that I had lost 12 pounds. Granted, there are some clothing discrepancies (est. 3 lbs.), but that’s just ridiculous. Bell’s, water and clothes regained 7 of them.

Felt shitty, couldn’t eat or sleep. Finally ate something and started to feel a little better. For the record, this ride came closer to killing me than the Erie Canal ride of summer ’02.

Josh came to EL tonight, an we were to build greenland paddles. By the time we got the wood, dinner and locked out of the lab it was too late to really start much. So, we joined the crew for milkshakes instead. It’s almost the same thing after all :-P.

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  1. tlzita says:

    For the longest time I was thinking Erie Canal ride? Is there an Erie Canal in Michigan? The Erie Canal is here, in Western New York. Then I remembered that time when it was really hot and I overlooked the culvert and we went to Albion before I realized the mistake.

    Sometimes I am a ditz

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