So, here’s how my weekend has gone so far. I figure if I write it here, I don’t actually have to tell anyone about it, saving oxygen.

I drove up on Friday afternoon / evening. Stopped at Jay’s to check out backpacks. Nothing there that I really needed to see, but I browsed the store for a while also just to see what there was to see. Got home shortly after 10, and proceeded to go to bed rather soon.

Saturday, woke up reasonably early and rode out to Empire with Mark to work on my uncle’s house. Worked for a little while, then came back to go to Kenzie’s football game. Took lots of pictures of 12 year old footballers. After the game, went to a few stores (still looking for backpacks) and to dinner at Olive Garden – where we were waited on my a girl who looked rediculously like my cousin (but was absurdly tall :-P). Mark’s number ended up on the receipt, in my Dad’s hand writing, with a line through it – what she’ll think of that I haven’t a clue.

Sunday, got up reasonably early again. Went to Empire for church. Found out their mass started at 10:30, not 10. Dropped Kenzie off at the farm, and went back. Then worked on the house all day. Dinner was at home and was meatloaf. It was good, plus I have some thing for meatloaf, since a loaf is such an unnatural form for meat to be in.

Tomorrow – somewhere to get passport photos, then to the county clerk, then back down to EL for work – hopefully a full day’s worth even though that will likely carry me to 9 at night or so.

Tuesday – more work (lots to do by Thursday) and maybe a $5 movie :-D.

Sometime – post pictures of cute little kids playing football :-P.

Note – this house I worked on is of the concrete in styrofoam variety. Interesting to see. You basically build the outside out of these foam blocks then fill between them with concrete. Apparently the R-value of a normal house is around 13.5 and the R-value of this style a home is about 50. That’s amazing, and would yield such a comfortable home to live in. After my current living situation, even, good, efficient heating is one of my prime concerns in my someday house.

That’s all for now, hope your moment’s entertainment has been worth my effort.

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9 Responses to Weekend

  1. tlzita says:

    Very worth it.

    Sounds like a good weekend. I want a concrete styrofoam house. It seems like one of those adobe ones you can paint. I always wanted a house I could paint.

  2. tobt4josh says:

    What’s the passport photos for? Taking a trip?

  3. anonymous says:

    Which $5 movie? (Not that I’m inviting myself or anything. :-p)

  4. anonymous says:

    Also, what signifies “retardedly tall”? Do I qualify?

  5. surly_bastard says:

    Getting my CPL. The woman at Rite-Aid asked me that too. It’s interesting to respond to “Where are you going?” with “Nowhere, I’m getting a pistol license.”

  6. surly_bastard says:

    You’re invited. And I haven’t a clue which one.

  7. tobt4josh says:

    Did you at this point ask her kindly to “open the safe NOW, bitch!” ?

  8. surly_bastard says:

    Yes. 😛

    She wasn’t that tall. According to my mother, too tall for M3 or me. We did spend a fair bit of the evening laughing about her and her resemblance to our cousin. To quote “Hey, you look like my cousin… and that’s hot.” Of course, most of this joking came from M3 with me just playing along since referring to anyone as hot A. in front of my parents and B. with reference to a cousin is not something I would do.

    As mentioned earlier, M3’s name ended up on the receipt, with a single line cross out, in my Dad’s writing.

    As an interesting side note, I am taller than M3. This only occured to me in church on Sunday when I was standing next to him, I had always figured we were about the same height before.

  9. lemonslush says:

    You seem to do a lot of height comparison while at church. Perhaps you should find something more relevant to focus on? :-p

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