Recent Events

Recent events:
Got backpack yesterday. Good.
Questioning whether I want to keep it. Iffy.
Processed my calibration today. Good.
Talked to Comcast about cable internet. Bad.
Missed out on sampling buckeye ice cream. Horrible.
Tried to setup Win 2003 server. Failed.
Went for a bike ride. Good.
Rode just before sunset. Cold.
In shoes meant to ‘breathe’ Fucking cold toes.
Missed season premiere of Smallville. The suck.
Watched season premiere of Supernatural. Alright.
Talked to Steve. Good.
Perused eBay for camera lenses. Questionable.

Potential things to do this weekend:
Play with camera
Make paddle
Shooting range
Ride during the day, when it’s warm
Trip to cider mill.
Watch movies
Sam’s Club
Get holy
Apply for jobs


Too many personal profile surveys being posted here as of late.

I have been informed that instead of Dr. Foss and I going to Cummins to demo the TTA, I will be going. He did run this by me before making this decision, so I am not complaining. Presentations are certainly not my thing, but we’ll see how this goes. Not sure when, what or even if this is happening yet.

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7 Responses to Recent Events

  1. lemonslush says:

    What kind of backpack did you get??

    You can get Buckeye ice cream, just not prefreeze. It’ll still be great.

    Personal profile surveys exist because I’ve had no one to hang out with the past few nights. So I’m pretty sure they can be blamed on you. :-p

    I don’t think you need further suggestions – that list is pretty complete as it is. Just please don’t plan a cider mill trip without me or anything. And keep it in mind for the coming weeks.

    It’s 7:25 a.m. and I’m tired. I hope this multi-subject comment made sense. Have a good one!

  2. tlzita says:

    are you really going to apply for jobs?

  3. surly_bastard says:

    It does sound great. Steal a changeover tub of half that and half blueberry lemon custard! You’ll be my hero – at least for an hour or two.

  4. surly_bastard says:

    We’ll see… it’s actually reasonably high on the list.

  5. lemonslush says:

    There are no changeovers between those two, but I’ll do my best for ya.

  6. anonymous says:


  7. brownbanana says:

    I sure hope a 3 gallon changeover tub would last you longer than that…

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