So, last night I went running and watched yesterday’s episode of Smallville. None of you care about the former, and few if any care about the latter, but near the end of the episode Clark and Chloe almost got together.

As for today, Al just offered Doug and I free tickets to the game, so I’m gonna hit that up. Woot!

Later today: who knows. Maybe something, but Saturday night plans tend to revolve around drinking which although not horrible is also not too high on my list of activities.

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  1. brownbanana says:

    You could have visited me at Dominos. I ended up closing again.

  2. surly_bastard says:

    You should have called, I would have. After about 8 I was just sitting around waiting for my headache to go away. I figured you were out galavanting around town by that point.

  3. surly_bastard says:

    And based on the contents of the lab this morning, you had a visitor anyway, so no complaining out of you.

  4. brownbanana says:

    Ha, no. I went there after work. I had no visitors at Dominos. So bah to you. No worries though. I also work Monday night and Wednesday night til close (11pm), so you can stop by then. =P

  5. surly_bastard says:

    Tonight’s obviously out. Maybe Wednesday.

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