Dooce Excerpt

I just felt inspired to remind you of something that I think you already know but forgot when I read your post about anxiety today. It’s just this: when you eat animals that have been to the slaughterhouse, you are likely consuming on a more subtle and energetic level the adrenaline, fear and anxiety that they almost certainly experienced just before death. The anxiety you are feeling is not just your own but also the feelings of the dead animals.

If this is true, and do I ever hope it is, then the cow that I ate last night must have been feeling very plump and juicy right before they chopped off his head.


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3 Responses to Dooce Excerpt

  1. tlzita says:

    That’s really funny.

  2. lemonslush says:

    Yay, dooce! 🙂 I love her hate mail posts.

  3. lemonslush says:

    Sorry that I failed again to answer your call. Tod and I were eating dinner and watching a movie. We’ll talk soon though. Have a good day!

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