Apartment Pics

Having told you that I moved, here are a few pictures for you to see the place.

View in from the doorway. Oddly enough, the liquor bin was the first to get unpacked. I don’t know where I want to put it though, the eye level cupboards are too short and too close to the ceiling.

The kitchen. No, I don’t really sit at those computers. The left is my standard desktop, the right is the server. I needed to get them online so as to offload all my illegitimate files from the second hard drive I slapped into my work laptop.

The living room. That’s the futon that was on top of everything else in the storage space. The laptop is my standard use computer right now. It’s pretty bland, I need a coffee table.

Speaking of the futon atop everything, here’s a shot of my storage space as of about a month ago. Ridiculous, but that was the room that was left for the futon.

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