17′ Dining Room

And, less than a week later, I have filled the existing space with crap.

WMCKA‘s having their winter pool sessions now. Josh and I went to the first one on Saturday and as a result I had gathered the kayaks. I had forgotten that on our last trip of the season up to Le Cheneaux I broke the strap securing the back band of my boat. I did some surgery on the kayak and it is now, dare I say, better than new. The problem stemmed from the metal anchors that held the nylon web strap in place. They were stamped aluminum, meaning that the edges were pretty sharp – sharp enough to slowly cut through the band. I took the rotary tool and rounded them out prior to replacing the straps.

Also this weekend, I finally figured out the laundry system at the apartment, so I did something like six loads of laundry which cleaned pretty much everything I own and wear on a regular basis.

That’s all for now… updates you don’t care about brought to you mainly because I liked the image of my kayak extending through the entire apartment.

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