Prelude to the Goodness

I’m in the process of building a new computer, something I said I wouldn’t do until I was living on my own, and, that time I has come.  So far, I have only the two monitors and the case.

I’m very excited to have a computer built in this decade, it’s going to be kick ass.  Like the last time I bought a new computer, this one will have something like 10x the raw specs of the previous one.  Last time, I bought a lot of the latest and greatest.  That was a mistake.  This one is more optimized for value.

27GB HDD -> 320GB
650MHz proc -> 2.4Ghz Quad
512MB RAM -> 4GB
100MHz FSB -> 1066MHz
PSU 400W -> 550W…. this one’s OK to break the 10x rule on.
Case Beige -> Black (that’s pretty much a 10x improvement).
Monitor 173.28 sq. in. -> 492.25 sq. in.
Monitor 1.92MP -> 4.6MP

Notice that the monitors scale 2.8x in area, but only 2.4x in pixel count. I don’t really like this, but higher res monitors, or even monitors which have resolution increases to match the viewable area tend to drive cost up beyond the value.

I am also considering diverging from my nameable tech scheme. From freshman year of college it’s been my last name followed by first initial (as per MSU’s userID design) followed by a dash and a single character to represent the device. I’ve had:

  • norconkm-d for my desktop
  • norconkm-l for my laptop, there was also an l2
  • norconkm-c for my cell phone
  • norconkm-p for my PDA
  • norconkm-r for my router
  • norconkm-s for my server
  • norconkm-b for my blackberry
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