Bags of Crap

This post is one of pride as well as shame.

I purchased a “Bag of Crap” from Woot.

For the uninitiated, Woot is a site that features one item (often techy) for sale every day, available until midnight central time or it (occasionally) sells out. Then, there is the Woot-Off… a multi day event where an item goes up for sale until it sells out and is the replaced my the next item. The problem I have is that people often buy stuff they don’t need and often don’t even want on the chance that the next item might be better. “Bags of Crap” are an item that invariably come up a fwe time per Woot-Off and sell out almost immediately. When they come up, the web site nearly crashes and a few people end up paying $1/ea. for up to 3 craps and $5 S&H. Your $8 gets you a box of (3) random odds and ends which can vary from a broken MP3 player case to a 46″ LCD TV. Obviously, some is complete garbage and some is worth hundreds to thousands of times the price you paid.

The pride aspect is that snagging one of these “Bags of Crap” is very highly revered in the geek community. Which brings me to the present… the crap was on my doorstep upon returning from TC.

A High School Musical pink kids clock!

A t-shirt. Kids size 6. Anyone understand the pattern? Anyone have a kid who is or will be size six?

A steam cleaner. This had an RMA number and a remanufactured sticker on the box. It appears to work as new, but I can’t vouch for its ability to clean anything.

A three pack of gym totes (not sure why I got four items). I’m seen guys wear these, it makes me embarassed for them.

And… all orders include a flying screaming Woot! Monkey. This guy will get to live at work until his screams annoy someone into destroying him.

So, there you have it. The contents of my first Woot! Bag of Crap.

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  1. norconkm says:

    The pattern on the shirt has been confirmed to read “I love smores” in s’morse code.

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