Mt. Etna Foothills

Mt. Etna Foothills

Part of our Mt. Etna excursion was getting to hike around on the foothills & lava flows from the volcano.  This picture does a decent job of capturing the landscape that we were hiking around in and showing the volcanic ground.  I have a few others showing everything from the fine ash which was everywhere after the recent eruption to the larger lava rocks that covered expanses of the landscape.  This one gives a decent idea how vegetation had recovered (not since the most recent eruption, but previous) – you can see trees spotting the landscape and maybe hints of some areas of more complete cover.

Tomorrow’s picture will be better, I promise (I’ll steal it from the internet if I have to).  This is not the original shot I had intended to use.  The one I liked was better framed, but I have a suspicion that I left the camera in manual focus because there was nothing in the frame that seemed truly sharp.  Conveniently, the pictures were taken at otherwise identical settings, so I don’t have to edit the photo info line.

Picture taken with Canon 60D, EF-S 10-22mm lens @ 10mm, f/7.1, 1/125 sec shutter, ISO 100

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