So, last night I went running and watched yesterday’s episode of Smallville. None of you care about the former, and few if any care about the latter, but near the end of the episode Clark and Chloe almost got together. As for today, Al just offered Doug and I free… Continue reading

Recent Events

Recent events: Got backpack yesterday. Good. Questioning whether I want to keep it. Iffy. Processed my calibration today. Good. Talked to Comcast about cable internet. Bad. Missed out on sampling buckeye ice cream. Horrible. Tried to setup Win 2003 server. Failed. Went for a bike ride. Good. Rode just before… Continue reading

Fourth of July

Fireworks tomorrow? Yes indeed. Current weekend plan – lab trip to the Polka Festival in Cedar. 😛 Where all there is to do is drink and dance. Oh – and who wants to see Superman and Pirates of the Caribbean?