Statistically Speaking, Stats are Bunk

Rather than get to sleep early like I should have, I learned two things tonight.

I realized that my stats page was not lacking, but rather the URL was simply absorbed by wordpress as non-existent page. Unblocking this revealed the reports as I recall them from days gone by.

From this report, I learned that over half my page views come from Google. I take this to mean one of two things.

Option A: Their bots are crawling through my site, indexing everything, and not liking what they see or indexing everything, liking it and holding a grudge. I suspect this because my site does not show up in the top 10 on a Google search for “norconk.” I’m hurt. That’s like a search for “apple” showing your results for a farmers market before the computer manufacturer.*

Option B: Google has an intern paid to stalk my page and fill them in on all the mundane details of my life. I’m flattered, and I expect to be flown out to California for an interview involving questions about how big the moon is soon.**

* Really, I’m not quite this self absorbed. Almost, there, but haven’t made it yet.

** P & J, when you RSS this, don’t start any rumors… I’m not leaving, there are too many laptops in need of wireless power, the battle rages on.


It’s coming to my realization that I am broke. Over the next two months, I forsee myself needing $670 more than I expect to have in income. I might need to do something about this – not sure what though – second job is not really an appealing offer. Maybe find some stuff to sell, or just keep it on a credit card for a few months (not something I’m overly fond of).

EDIT: The irony of this post occurred to me as I went out to my Jeep and walked back with about $1500 worth of miscellaneous “gear.” Due to this, I expect very little to no pity, and possibly feelings of vengeance from some.

I am useless

I am rather pissed right now. Mainly at myself.

I went to work today at a reasonable time, worked on processing some data which didn’t yield useful results – not that I did anything wrong, the results I was looking for just weren’t there.

After work, I meant to go skating, but didn’t and just hung around the lab looking at bikes and for the most part doing absolutely nothing. This is the part that pisses me off – I kind of want to get a new bike so I keep looking at them and assessing the options and costs but getting nowhere. I could just pick one, buy it and do work thus paying for more than any difference between the cheaper and more expensive ones.

It’s ridiculous. I am constantly distracted. What is distracting me is irrelevant, it just pisses me off. Apparently I just have to learn to not be a tard and focus on what I need to do. Work, job search, etc.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be a better person. I have more data processing to do, which could give more useful results – or at least there’s enough different methods of processing it that something useful might come of it.


My bike is broken… this half saddens me and half pisses me off. I just bought new wheels since my rim cracked. Now the fork is stripped. If I replace it, the frame and seat post will be pretty much the only original structural parts left. So, the debate – to continue replacing parts, or to admit that the bike is about 10 years old and just get a new one. I really like mine – particularly the size. It’s officially a mountain bike, but it has a larger than normal frame, is geared higher than normal, and has minimal suspension (none of the modern 4-5″ of travel shit).

Plus, buying a new one means I have to figure out what one I want and all that shit – then it’s off to see how long that one will last… Do I just go without a bike? That’s a less than pleasant prospect for me, since as soon as it’s warm enough I will (or would) pretty much ride my bike everywhere. This is the second round of repairs to my bike – last summer I did the gears and bracket… it just makes me wonder what will go wrong next if I do buy a replacement fork.


It’s 6am… I’m still at work… raise your hand if you think Matt needs a new job… problem, I need a good recomendation from this job and right now I can’t make shit work.

I also really want a digital SLR, which is kind of my light at the end of the tunnel, since all the work I’m doing for this project had better buy me one. If you know anyone selling a late model canon, olympus or nikon for a good price let me know.

TV Dinners

I ate some form of microwaveable dinner at work today and it made me sad. I keep a couple of these and some veggies in the freezer there for lunch etc. Generally they’re the single entree type thing like chicken on rice and I dump the whole thing over a bed of vegetables and voila – lunch that doesn’t take me an hour and a half. This one was some form of turkey dinner which had turkey, some stuffing, and some apple pie filling dessert stuff. It made me sad for anyone who would really consider that a dinner. Maybe it’s that I never experienced that as a kid. Maybe I think its worse than it is and no one really considers that a dinner. I know I have talked to people who thought TV dinners were something special, or fun and they had them on occasions (I think this is because it was one time they were allowed to watch TV during dinner as a kid). So not everyone thinks they’re horrible. This probably had something to do with Thanksgiving coming up and the contents of this dinner resembling those of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I feel bad for anyone who doesn’t have anyone to spend Thanksgiving with – it made me think that if I were ever completely alone for Thanksgiving I’d volunteer somewhere to help those less fortunate. I’m not even sure I’m that attatched to Thanksgiving – I think once I didn’t go home that weekend. But that’s different than having your Thanksgiving dinner be a 97 cent thing from Meijer. This random wandering of the mind has been brought to you by me.


The desire to spend exorbatant amounts of money on a digital SLR camera is welling up inside me again… I’d really like to take some pictures of campus before winter and before I leave. I know I don’t need such a camera for this, but it would be really nice and take awesome pictures.

So Much To Do So Little Time

Holy shit this semester is going to bite me in the ass.

Today I find out that I have an exam on Friday. Not only that, but it’s in one of the more difficult classes I’ve taken in my 5.5 years at MSU.

Same class, I have a project due the following Monday, and have to present it on the 10th (which is commencement for grad students). Yay, I’m going to sleep through my own graduation.

I don’t yet have a job, nor do I have a cover letter to use in applying for such a job.

I have been contacted by a recruiting service and there is a chance they have a job for me, but I’m too damned busy to deal with that.

Work is going to get nice and busy toward the end of the semester – bah.

Argh, too much to do and too little time to do it in… geschit.


Almost forgot, I have a pile of rebates from post Thanksgiving shopping that have to be sent out otherwise I’ll be out way more money than I really would care to be.

Horror Movies

Watched Gothika tonight… pretty crappy if you ask me. So, I am appealing to you, my dedicated audience for some good horror movies. I do not have a female of interest, so I’m not looking for some hold each other tight for consolation horror. Use of excessive gore and lots of flashing images do not make a good horror movie either – anyone can get a reaction if they show you a nice serene field, play spooky music then flash an image of a face with all the skin peeled off on the screen. That doesn’t count. I want something well produced which will leave me scared and wanting to shit myself. So, given that, if you have any ideas please let me know. Not sure exactly how long it will take me to get around to watching anything suggested.

For reference… horror / scary movies I have seen and have failed, and yes I know it’s a short list:

House on Haunted Hill
Thirteenth Ghost
Jason X

The two scariest movies I have seen were Gremlins when I was little and Donnie Darko because of the freaky rabbit and his evil voice. Donnie Darko was a great movie BTW, up there with Boondock Saints and the original Star Wars.


1. Is is just me, or does Shaq look like the stunt double for Shrek? I mean, some green paint and little twig ears and you couldn’t tell the difference from anything more than three feet away. I think after the Lakers loose, he’s going to go back to his swamp and talk to donkey about how ogres are like onions.

2. I still hate people in roundabouts. So many stupid people… That could be the single biggest downside to driving the Camaro, I don’t feel like the other guy is more adverse to getting hit than me, so I have to be more careful. The other downside to the Camaro is the inability to throw half my room in the back and go for the weekend.

3. Dishes have not been done here for at least 3 weeks. We are running out. I feel that I do at least my share of the kitchen cleaning if not more. Thus I am in no mood to go clean it now.

4. I got a cramp while riding my bike today. This is the second documented incident of a cramp during physical activity that I can recall in my lifetime. The other was in my calf while scuba diving – and that sucked. This one was just mildly uncomfortable – and made me apprehensive that it would get worse.

5. My room is a veritable shit hole, this is no one’s fault but my own, thus I must do something about it.

6. I want to ride my bike from my house to Riverside just because it’s somewhere I have gone on a very regular basis but I have never been there on my bike. Cedar also falls into this same group… hmmm…

7. I’m hungry.

8. When the pistons win, I think shall scour Josh’s room for a cigar and go celebrate and people watch down on Grand River. I shall not attempt to climb over the fence behind Beachwood Apartments because I have already lost two perfectly good pairs of jeans to that damned fence.

9. Speaking of Pistons, I kinda wish I had followed their season more. I know, fair weather fan, but when we’re winning is when it’s exciting. I guess isn’t not that I dislike the Pistons at other times, I just don’t care. The Tigers on the other hand could go undefeated and win the World Series and I still wouldn’t give a rats ass because it’s baseball and I hate baseball. Apologies to all who read this and likes the game.