MSU Engineering Building

MSU Engineering

Another older picture from MSU’s campus.  This is the MSU Engineering Building in the Fall taken from the walkway between the Engineering Building and the International Center, which is actually the back side of the Engineering Building.

Picture taken with Olympus C-2040z, lens @ 7.3mm (41mm equivalent), f/4.5, 1/400 sec, ISO 100.

MSU Campus – Farm Lane

MSU Campus

An older picture from MSU’s campus.  I really liked the row of these red trees down Farm Lane so I went wandering one day to take some pictures.  I had a vision of how one of these shots would turn out, but I couldn’t quite get that to translate into reality.  This shot is the closest.

Picture taken with Olympus C-2040z, lens @ 16.8mm (112mm equivalent), f/5.0, 1/400 sec, ISO 100.