Mt. Washburn

Mt. Washburn

The view descending Mt. Washburn – somewhere along that ridge we had to break right and cross the snow which was the most adventurous part of the hike, particularly around the edges where we’d occasionally just drop through.  Fortunately, we didn’t step on any any marmot burrows or bear dens.

Picture taken with Canon 60D, EF-S 18-135mm lens @ 30mm, 1/500 shutter, f/8.0, ISO 100

Black Bear

Black Bear

One of the black bears we saw in Yellowstone.  Looking back on these pictures, I wish I had a better camera (actually, better lens would have been preferable) and had shot them all as RAW files.  There was probably a quarter million dollars in lenses* standing the bank watching this bear just waiting for it do something special.

Picture taken with Canon 60D, EF70-300mm lens @ 300mm, 1/800 shutter, f/8.0, ISO 800

* I know, I’ve anthropomorphized lenses to replace people, but I don’t care for people.

Black Bear

Black Bear

Sticking with the animal theme for one more picture, this is one of the better shots I got of a bear while in Yellowstone, even though it’s a black bear and not the more impressive Grizzly.  Hung around watching this one forage for about an hour and of course took a bunch of pictures.

Picture taken with Canon 60D, EF70-300mm lens @ 300mm, 1/640 shutter, f/8.0, ISO 800

Grand Tetons


Pulled another one from the Grand Tetons, taken over Taggart Lake.  I’ve posted some of these before, but A) I like this one a lot and B) it’s almost an exact match for one of the scenes in the virtual active system on our work fitness equipment.

Picture taken with Canon 60D, EF-S 17-85mm lens @ 17mm, 1/250 sec shutter, f/11, ISO 100

Tetons & Yellowstone – Mt. Washburn

We woke up and took some time to pack up camp as this was move-out day.  We were basically just going to head out the Northeast entrance to the park stopping for whatever we found along the way.

First find, ignoring the road side bison that we shot some pics of along the way, was a pile of people in one of the pull-offs  (#7) watching a black bear who was foraging and (briefly) taking a swim in the river.  We stayed there taking pictures for a little while.  It was amazing how much camera equipment was on the ridge.  I felt very under-cameraed… but most of these people were shooting pictures with the hopes of selling them.

Black Bear

Second stop was to see another black bear – this one cinnamon colored.  We didn’t get nearly as good of views of this one as it was back in the woods a bit.

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Tetons & Yellowstone – Yellowstone Falls

We started out the day with the plan to go see Yellowstone Falls and Artist’s Point (#3).  The ranger told us that there was 6ft of snow on the trail, but we figured he was just being cautious and we’d go regardless, like we had in the Tetons.

On our way to the Falls, we stopped to watch a coyote hunting in the field and got to see it successfully catch a gopher (or something similar) for breakfast.  It kept hunting for a while, but we did not get to witness a second successful kill.


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Tetons & Yellowstone – Norris Basin

Day two in Yellowstone we started with a visit to the Norris Basic Geysers (#4).  This, as you may be able to predict from the name, is right next to our campground.  We arrived pretty early and were among only a few vehicles in the lot when we got there.

The area has two major walking loops – the first one we did was Porcelain Basin and the second was the creatively named “back loop”.  This area was largely devoid of plants with only a few dead trees poking up through the mineral deposited ground.  There was steam coming up from vents, fumaroles, geysers and springs all around us.  Overall there’s a wide variety even among the individual types of formations – some are crystal clear , others are milky white with dissolved limestone, others red, some just look like pools with some nice colors around the edges, others are constantly bubbling or steaming, others are violently erupting at short or long intervals.

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Tetons & Yellowstone – Mammoth Hot Springs

We had a leisurely start to the day packing up all the items that we had laid out to dry and charge the night before, the stopping at the Walmart in Cody for foodstuffs and getting gas.  We got back into Yellowstone through the East entrance (#1 on the map).

We happened upon a herd of bighorn sheep not far into the park (probably around Sylvan Pass) and stopped to take pictures until they wandered across the road, hopped the fence and headed down into a valley.

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