Maine 2017 – Acadia to Portland


We headed out toward Portland in the morning, opting for the somewhat more scenic route down the coast. Down the coast, in this case, meant highway between small towns instead of freeway. For the most part, I didn’t feel like it was “on the ocean” – not like California where you’re driving on the ocean for 10’s of miles. Looking at the map, and the timing of when we would have been driving past, I guess this impression could have been influenced by the fact that most of the run down the coast was after sunset.

The first stop along the way was at Blue Hill Mountain – only about 45 minutes out of Acadia. I’m not sure what the claim to fame of the place was, but it came up in Janet’s search for hikes so we diverted a bit. It was a pretty, and pretty easy hike up through the woods to a peak. There was formerly a tower there, but just the footings remain at this point.

The second stop was at the Penobscot Narrows Bridge & Observatory and Historic Fort Knox only about 25 minutes further. I’m not sure we had a plan to stop there, but it’s the tallest bridge observatory in the world, so it seemed a shame not to. Plus, we didn’t have a specific arrival time in Freeport so why not? We did the observatory and then spent a good portion of the evening wandering the fort before continuing on our way toward Portland.

We got to Freeport after dark and took a quick hop downtown for no particular reason, ordered a pizza for dinner and went to bed.

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