West 2019 – Day 15 – Glacier, Fish Lake

Sunday 8/25

Our plan was to hike Highline trail and we attempted to do just that. Up early, made oats and coffee for the ride, and drove up to Logan Pass to get parking before 8:00. It was slightly rainy / foggy, so we dressed appropriately (raincoats, etc) and started down the trail, but we didn’t make it ½ mile before the rain got worse.  There were no signs that it would be changing, so we turned around; deciding to try again the next day.

We returned to Apgar CG but the rain seemed to be persisting even at the lower elevation so we headed back towards Kalispell, mainly just to kill time. We ended up stopping at a grocery store for a food restock, coffee and to plan out the rest of the trip days.  The rain had let up in town, and we headed back to Apgar to find a smaller hike.

We chose the hike out to hiked to Fish Lake, which was a pretty nice hike (other than the first part, which doubled as a horse trail and was full of poop).  The rain did start again just about the time we got to the lake, so we didn’t hang around long. We also may have heard a bear in the woods – we could not see to confirm and it’s generally not recommended to get closer to investigate.

After the hike, we did a bit more wandering around the Lake McDonald Lodge area and checked out a few of the gift shops before returning to camp for the night.

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