Navajo Arch

Back to Arches, because I was told that this should be today’s picture.  This is from inside Navajo Arch.  We were there just after rain, so there was a small pond going on.  I was able to get past the water, thanks in part to waterproof boots and for most… Continue reading

Future Arches

A shot out past the horn on one of the fins with some people on top for scale.  I don’t remember the geological details, but these fins come into existence when the softer rock erodes from between them and then arches come into existence when there happens to be softer… Continue reading

Arches Primitive Trail

There’s nothing specifically important about this picture.  It was taken at the end of a hike as we were coming off the “primitive trail” out of the fins in Arches National Park.  It’s a pretty obvious HDR shot, but in this case I think that’s OK, or at least OK… Continue reading

Balanced Rock

Happy St. Patrick’s day… here’s a picture that has absolutely nothing to do with that. I posted a very similar picture previously, but this truly is a different shot.  Taken at the very tail end of sunset when only the distant mountains were catching the pink light.  Moments before you… Continue reading

The Majestic Frog

Since there’s no reason anyone would understand the title of this post, I shall explain.  This was the rental car that Janet and I had in Colorado-Utah-Arizona.  I’ve mentioned it previously, but it was lovingly referred to as The Frog.  It was great, except the transmission shift algorithm was abysmal…. Continue reading