Lake of the Angels

I looked at yesterday’s picture a second time after it was posted and was rather disappointed.  I think the posted version looks muddy to me – which makes some sense because a RAW file has no added sharpening, contrast or saturation adjustments.  Here’s a comparison of what was posted vs…. Continue reading

Grand River Downtown Grand Rapids

Artprize 2013 shot of the Grand River from downtown Grand Rapids – if you look close you can see the monkey sculptures hanging on the blue bridge.  This one is not multiple shots, though I adjusted the tone curves enough that it is probably considered HDR. Picture taken with Canon… Continue reading

Smoky Mountains 2015 – Day 3

Smoky Mountains Day 3 itinerary: Slept in (forecast of rain) 11:30 – stopped at NOC for a hat 12:00 – Alum trail to Mt. LaConte 7:00 – return to trailhead Return to hotel, made dinner Went to Morton Overlook for sunset It was supposed to rain on Saturday, so we… Continue reading

Smoky Mountains 2015 – Day 2

Smoky Mountains Day 2 itinerary: Stupid early – drive to Clingman’s Dome Nap in Clingman’s Dome parking lot 9:00 – Hiked to Clingman’s Dome Continue down the Appalachian Trail Fail to find Siler’s Bald 4:30 – return to Clingman’s Dome lot Returned to hotel Day 2’s itinerary really only had… Continue reading

Smoky Mountains 2015 – Day 1

Smoky Mountains Day 1 itinerary: 9:30pm (CT) – depart Chicago (Midlothian) Drove through the night 8:30am – arrive in the Smoky Mountains Stopped at Sugarlands visitor center Headed to Ramsey Falls (+ coffee) 10:20 – started hike 12:15 – arrived at the fall 1:15 – start descent 3:30 – return… Continue reading


Because it was asked… left/top as posted yesterday, right/bottom slight adjustment to the reds.  I think it does look better slightly desaturated – but that also might be because I’m viewing it on a monitor that washes out details once it gets to a certain level.  I don’t have the… Continue reading

Arches Primitive Trail

There’s nothing specifically important about this picture.  It was taken at the end of a hike as we were coming off the “primitive trail” out of the fins in Arches National Park.  It’s a pretty obvious HDR shot, but in this case I think that’s OK, or at least OK… Continue reading

Eindhoven Sunrise

This one’s an obvious HDR – but in defense of unnatural post-processing, it looks better than any of the individual shots, regardless of how much processing is done to them.  I’ve shared the picture before, here & here because apparently when we’ve stayed in Eindhoven, Netherlands for work, we always… Continue reading