Smoky Mountains 2015 – Day 2

Smoky Mountains Day 2 itinerary: Stupid early – drive to Clingman’s Dome Nap in Clingman’s Dome parking lot 9:00 – Hiked to Clingman’s Dome Continue down the Appalachian Trail Fail to find Siler’s Bald 4:30 – return to Clingman’s Dome lot Returned to hotel Day 2’s itinerary really only had… Continue reading

Ice Curls

I’ve seen these a place or two before, these tiny ice curls that happen at when the temperatures are just right.  This exact sighting was long the Appalachian Trail just west of Clingman’s Dome. According to the internet, they’re formed when groundwater near the surface freezes and forces its way… Continue reading


Woke up early and drove up to Clingman’s Dome to take pictures of the sunrise.  This is my current favorite, it seems to accomplish the goal of showing the layers of mountains with a pretty cool glow from the sun in the fog. Picture taken with Sony a6000, SEL 18-200mm… Continue reading