Sugarloaf, Maine

Given our currently pathetic winter showing (I haven’t bothered putting snow tires on yet) here’s some inspiration from a different part of the country.  From a trip to Sugarloaf, ME. Pictures taken with Canon Rebel 300D, EF-S 18-55mm lens @ 18mm, f/11 & f/13, 1/320 & 1/400 sec shutter, ISO… Continue reading

Chapel Beach

The title of this one should be something like “stay off the damn water.”  Picture taken from Mosquito Chapel Beach in Pictured Rocks which is about 8 miles from where we started the trip.  There was some lightning and we actually did have to stay off the water for a… Continue reading

Skillagalee Island

A special picture from an abandoned Skillagalee Island (aka Ile aux Galets) – a land of bird carnage and feces.  There’s the dilapidated lighthouse, one dead tree, 3000 birds and at one moment three silly kayakers on this island.  There’s really no reason you’d ever need to visit, so here’s a… Continue reading

Lake Superior Provincial Park

A shot from our camp site in Lake Superior Provincial Park.  I believe that formation out there is Devil’s Chair, of which, I’m sure there are better pictures – like ones where it’s more than a silhouette.  I did a pretty solid amount of saturation adjustment to this one and… Continue reading